Join us at Belgian Pride

Mai 22, 2021

Join Youth 4 Equality at Belgian Pride 2021

The youth truck is heading to Brussels this year, to join the beautiful Belgian Pride once again! Will you be joining us?

About Youth 4 Equality

Youth 4 Equality is the common message representing the Belgian LGBTQI+ Youth community. It is the wonderful result of a collaboration between Wel Jong Niet Hetero (Flanders), Les CHEFF (Wallonia), Alter Visio (Brussels) and IGLYO (International), together with more than 20 local LGBTQI+ youth groups from every corner in Belgium!

Together, we’ll be touring the Brussels and Antwerp Prides with our giant Pride Truck, celebrating diversity. We bring a message of love and equality, and take a stand against discrimination based upon gender or sexual orientation.

Want to join us?
Everyone under 30 years of age is welcome to join our delegation, no matter who you love, who you are or where you come from!

Our message

” In many countries around the world and even in our backyards, young people are still facing discrimination based upon their gender identity or sexual orientation. We believe that each and every young individual, independant of their originwow bounceIn, their religion, their expression of identity and the ones they love, should get equal rights and opportunities! “



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